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The right choice

The mouthpiece – link between the wind player and the instrument

Due to its function the mouthpiece is very important, as it needs to suite for the wind player and must help him fulfil his personal ideas and desires in regard to lip, timbre, sound quality, competence and stamina.

The mouthpieces of the comprehensive JK programme help the wind player to achieve the best sound and to meet his individual demands in an easier way. The characteristic sections of a mouthpiece form a functional unit.

Even slight changes on a mouthpiece section cause a changed behaviour of the mouthpiece. For the conscious selection of the right mouthpiece, the relationship between the shape and the function of the particular parts must be understood. The basic knowledge is the following:

The material selection – decisive for excellent sound and response quality

During the development of the JK mouthpieces, we paid special attention not only to the functional interplay of the particular sections of the mouthpiece but also to the material selection. Only this way, we could achieve the excellent sound and response quality. Thanks to the use of a mouthpiece that is coated with precious metals (silver plated, gold plated), a change of the surface due to sweat or saliva can be avoided.

A mouthpiece with plastic rim is advantageous especially outside and in the cold season, because it provides a good protection against cold. Furthermore, the typical sound quality is maintained.

Perspex mouthpieces, which also protect against cold, are used especially for teaching purposes because they are completely made of transparent acrylic glass. Their sound character is smoother than the one of metal mouthpieces.