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Bell-Lyra No. 119/120/121/126

Bell lyra no. 120: Two files, height of 80 cm, high brilliancy nickel plated, with 25 tuned plates made of light metal of special alloy, 25 x 10 mm anodized, tune letters stamped in. The conical transversal bore and the very advantageous bearing of the tuned plates warrant an excellent sound volume of each pitch. 1 pair of artificial hair tassels, of 65 cm length, coloured as required, with eagle seat of light metal, nickel plated, wooden handle black varnished, leather carrying strap and small hammer. Weight: 7,5 kg

Bell lyra no. 119: Two files, as above detailed, but brass lacquered.

Bell lyra no. 121: Two files with 27 tuned plates covering B’’-C’’’’ or C’’-D’’’’, other execution like no. 120.

Bell lyra no. 126: Deluxe model of a large choir lyra, frame hammered, ornamental plates even, execution like no. 120.