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Crescent No. 250/251

This crescent offers you the guaranty for a first class champion performance. All parts are made of brass finely stamped. Stick with carrying strap, large bell of 32 cm Ø, each side with 8 chimes and starlets and a finely stamped oak leave wreath. Half moon about 1 m width, together with 2 ornamental plates in its center, on both sides strongly stamped eagle heads, and 6 chimes and starlets.

The sun shows a very fine stamping, precisely executed, its diameter is 32 cm. Between sun and eagle, is applied a hexagonal pearl bar, finely stamped eagle, on whose lateral seat are mounted 4 lightnings. Tassels of first class artificial hair, of about 65 cm in length, and coloured as required. This crescent is totally dismountable. The height of the instrument measures 2,20 m, its weight is 12 kg, complete high brilliancy nickel plated.

Crescent no. 251: As model no. 250, but the oak leave wreath, sun, eagle heads and eagle, finely varnished and hardened.